They say photography is a book written in poetry and we say images should accompany that poem. You wrote the book
and we will create the images. That day is a mere memory but a day that can be relived. We celebrate with you and notice all the details you put forth toward your day. Thank you for inviting us. We specialize in affordable
packaging for every area of photography and video. We specialize in making perception reality.

DMont Reese Photography is based out of the Philadelphia area. The company was established in 1991.
D'Mont has worked on location in Paris,Rome,Barbados,Chicago,New York and many other U.S. cities.
D'Mont specializes in Fashion,commercial print,sports,editorial news,children,acting headshots,
music cd covers,music videos,videos,press kits,corporate,weddings,yearbook,special events,
as well as DJ and Limo service.

In 2000, D'Mont received The Catholic Press Award for outstanding photojournalism. Later that year,D'Mont was commissioned by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to photograph the Canonization of Saint Catherine Drexel in Rome. After the trip DMont received a letter of accommodation from the Cardinal of Philadelphia for excellent coverage of the event.

Recently D'Mont was given an police escort as he was one four photographers to have access to the Pope

as he visited Philadelphia in September of 2015. He has also photographed comedian Kevin Hart and Sinbad 

R&B artist Neo as well as President Bush and President Obama.

Remember your day is our day!